Chapter 22
Headmaid no sū~ifuto no asa
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Type Manga
Volume 4
Chapter 22
Pages 12
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The Headmaid's Swift Morning is the 22th chapter of the manga adaption.

Plot Summary Edit

The chapter starts off with Miyuki waking Kimito up. And even during the fieldtrip, Miyuki still does Kimito's laundy, cleans the room and so on. Later, Miyuki goes out, while Tomoka ran in front of her. But Miyuki told her to stop, because she dropped her towel, Miyuki then told her to take another instead and that she is going to wash the one that fell. Tomoka asks Miyuki why someone from the Kujou family is working as a maid, but Miyuki tells her that she dosen't need to answer her question, while going away to Kimito's room.

Going in to Kimito's room, she goes closer and closer to him; and then kisses him. He then wakes up, and once again, Miyuki told him that it would be better if he never woke up.

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