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Eri Hanae
Japanese Name 花江 恵理
Romanized Name Hanae Eri
Age 15
Gender Female
Hair Color Black
Eye Color Purple
Personal Status
Status Active
Occupation High School Student
Idol voice actress

Yumi Hara (Anime, Japanese)
Jad Saxton (English)

Light Novel Light Novel Volume 1, Chapter 1
Manga Chapter 1 (Flashback)

Chapter 23 (Real Introductionl)

Anime Episode 1

Eri Hanae (花江 恵理 Hanae Eri?) is Kimito's childhood friend and an idol voice actress.


Eri is young girl often seen with a bright smile-- She has mid-length straight black hair, which is usually tied to a ponytail with a big ribbon at the back. Eri has purple eyes and fair skin. She is usually seen with her light blue sweater, a yellow skirt, black stockings and brown shoes. Otherwise, she wears her school uniform.


Eri has ''two masks''. Eri is currently working as an idol seiyuu (voice actress), so she is quite popular and has often been called the most beautiful seiyuu in the industry. She has a cute but air headed personality. She was a scaredy cat and she often relied on other people to help her, usually Kimito. She is also very kind, innocent, cheerful, ''moe'' (described by Kimito), and slightly childish, calling herself ''Eri-rin''.

However, her other personality is mean spirited, scary, and a little sadistic. She is also quite short-tempered and quickly gets annoyed, though she hides it very well. She however talks ill about those who work with her, and when she is going to audition, she says that she will beat all the others who are auditioning. She also swears quite a lot when she is at this personality, but she can be herself when she is around Kimito and cares for him deeply, though she sometimes treats him badly; (Like kicking him and calling it a ''foot job'').


Eri moved into the area, and was being mercilessly bullied by a group when she was in elementary school. Even at her young age, she was considering suicide. Then Kimito helped her, even taking a beating for doing so. He then spent the next few months helping her build up her self esteem. As he did everything he could to help her, she fell in love with him. She was going to confess to him, and then she overheard someone asking Kimito if Eri was his girlfriend, to which he responded, "I would never date her." She got really angry and started treating him kind of badly ever since, and so she lied wildly about Kimito being homosexual just to have him to herself, which unintentionally led him to be chosen to go to Seikain, even though she still likes and cares for him.

However, there are theories that it wasn't Kimito who said that, but Miyuki's older brother, Kazuto-- Since Kimito and Kazuto changed places with each other. However, this fact is yet to be confirmed.


Eri is upset by Kimito's sudden transfer from home, since they were always together. However, through various times, Kimito is seen talking to her over his DS. Later, she appears and tries to find out everything about Kimito's whereabouts. She also later becomes the second commoner sample as part of a deal after coming to Seikain in the hopes of bringing Kimito back.


  • Eri is ranked at 6th place as the most popular character at the official website.


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