Kae Toujou



Japanese Name 東城 香絵
Romanized Name Tōjō Kae
Age 15
Gender Female
Hair Color Black
Eye Color Blue
Personal Status
Status Active
School Seikain Jogakkou
Occupation Student

Yuka Aisaka (Japanese)
Felecia Angelle (English)

Manga Chapter 1 (cameo)
Chapter 8 (Real introduction)
Anime Episode 1

Kae Toujou (東城 香衣 Tōjō Kae?) is a supporting character in the series, and also one of Reiko's friends.

Appearance Edit

Kae is a pretty young girl that has has black, straight mid-length hair and blue eyes. She also has light and fair complexion. She is usually seen with a normal Seikain Jogakkou school uniform.

Personality Edit

Kae is a cheerful girl, who isn't shy at all and she is very lively and energetic, and she says the things that are in her mind. In some ways she can be considers quite similar to Aika.

Also, like most of the others girls in Seikain Jogakkou, she is very fascinated by commoners and the things they do, which is shown that she was very interested when Miyuki showed her Kimito's cellphone.

Plot Edit

Kae, as an minor character, does not have much screen time and is usually seen hanging around Reiko, Maya and Mizuho. However, she does have a bigger role that Maya and Mizuho, which is seen in the ''Teaparty Incident''

So she, Maya, Mizuho and Reiko where chatting in her room, mostly about Kimito. Reiko was telling them about Kimito's relationship with Aika, and the other girls thinks that they are lovers. Then, Kae suddenly says that they maybe was kissing now, which upsets Reiko, and she yells at Kae to stop, which hurts Kae, and Reiko runs away from the room, saddened how she yelled at Kae.

The next day, Kimito is seen spotting Kae, crying. However, with a little help from him and Aika, Kae and Reiko where able to make up.


Reiko ArisugawaEdit

Reiko and Kae are good friends and share a close bond, often chatting with each other and they trust each other, and they both also cares for each other. However, after their small argument, Kae, and as well Reiko became sad, but soon made up, and Reiko gave Kae a present. Kae tells Reiko that she will treasure it for the rest of her life. After this, their relationship became even greater and they are never seen being angry on each other anymore.

Maya and MizuhoEdit

Despite not interacting much, Kae treasures Maya and Mizuho as close friends and they can also, freely talk about various topics with each other and they are almost always seen with each other.

Trivia Edit

  • Kae (香絵?) means “Pure”, or “Chaste”. It can also mean “Incense picture” when translated.

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