Miyabi Jinryou
Japanese Name 神領 雅
Romanized Name Jinryō Miyabi
Age 13
Gender Female
Hair Color Brown, Blonde
Eye Color Brown
Personal Status
Status Active
Relative(s) Karen Jinryou (Older sister)


Manga Chapter 25

Miyabi Jinryou (神領 雅 Jinryō Miyabi?) is Karen's younger sister, and a minor character introduced in the series.

Appearance Edit

Miyabi has short, blonde-brown hair which is tied into twin-tails, with ringlets, with ribbons on each side, and she has brown eyes.

Personality Edit

As a little sister who loves her older sister (Karen) very much, her dream is to cuddle with her sister alone in a uninhabited forest, and to live there forever. She's a little spoiled baby sister, 3rd year student in middle school, the student council president with the best grades. Furthermore, Miyabi has also shown to be very cheerful and childish, and also similar to Karen.

Plot Edit

Miyabi shows to the school to be near her sister.

Trivia Edit