Friends and Acquaintances Edit

Kimito Kagurazaka Edit

Reiko and Kimito have a good relationship, and Reiko respect Kimito, as she calls him for ''Kimito-sama''. And not long after arriving at the academy, Kimito walks in on Reiko in the baths and they see each other naked. After this incident, Reiko develops a crush on Kimito and often has delusions of marrying him in the future. She also joins the commoner club to get closer to him and gets jealous when the other girls in the club comes near him. Reiko loves and cares for him deeply, and always wants his attention. Also, when Kimito helped Reiko to not get married (it was against Reiko's will) He says that he will take care of her in Seikain. (Which sounds like a marriage proposal). And after this, Reiko falls in love with him more and adores him.

Aika Tenkuubashi Edit

At first, Aika and Reiko disliked each other, especially Reiko, and she even said that she hated Aika, after the Tea Party incident. However, after some time, they made up, though they are still rivals, but they come to a level to at least call each other friends. However, they sometimes fights with each other, but they do appear to get along. Later in the series, when Reiko was about to get married, Reiko said that she wanted to spend more time in the club with her friends, especially Aika and Kimito. Aika also explained that it will be lonely and troubling for her if Reiko was gone, and Reiko also said that she wanted to be with her. After this, they become closer, though still are rivals for Kimito's affection.

Kae Tojou Edit

One of Reiko's friends, and she is probably the closest to her. They had a small fight, but soon made up with a little help from Aika and Kimito.

Family Edit

Houko Arisugawa Edit

Reiko admires her mother and Reiko even said that she always resolved to become like her.

Masaomi Arisugawa Edit

Masaomi is Reiko's younger brother. Masaomi really loves his older sister and is defensive of her.